Help the Japanese, Preserve Kawaii

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Unbounded Learning

The aftermath of the tsunami in Japan is devastating. After the earthquake with a magnitude 9 in March 11, 2011, Japan laid almost helpless to Mother Nature. Here’s a really good website that shows you before and after images of Japan. Can you imagine living in one of those house and watching a large tide of water crush it?

I’m not going to lie, after a full 30 seconds of staring in shock at the TV when the news came in, my mind zoomed right into anime. Yes, I understand that the whole anime, manga, kawaii, etc. culture is way less important than the lives of actual people and that a tsunami can’t erase that from the world, it worried me. I mean, what’ll happen to the physical objects that inspired that culture: paper records, architecture, landscapes.

I was talking to a friend on XBox Live while we played Dead Rising 2 and he said, “We’re screwed, Capcom’s gone.” Granted he’s 14 and probably didn’t know that Capcom is an enterprise and not some tiny building by the sea, I ask myself: What’ll happen to those Japanese companies?

But this is where mankind, for once, proves that we are not all complete assholes. I mean all of us are in some way but it’s moments like these that restore my faith in people. You finally see we are capable of swallowing our pride and just reach out. And those Japanese victims are quite the badasses. For a country hit with a huge earthquake, a tsunami, and an impending nuclear disaster they are pretty damn calm. Is it because they are confident that the whole country will pull through or because they are just naturally cooler than all of us?

Anyhow, the damage is done and all any of us can do now is help the Japanese keep their people safe for now. The best way to do that is to donate and your safest bet is Red Cross. But if you’re a broke college student like me, make yourself useful and spread the word.

If your house was wiped away by nature and there was a nuclear reactor threatening to melt down in your backyard, wouldn’t you want some help, too?

Oh, and you can donate here.


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