Sharing Passwords with the Lover

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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I’m a big proponent of being open to your significant other. Facebook, email, twitter, etc. Why wouldn’t you show them what’s in your accounts unless you have something to hide? Personally, I get suspicious especially when the other person blatantly hides things from you like telling you it’s not of your business to ask who keeps texting them.

I asked who it was, not if your sleeping with them. …Are you?

(Trust issues?)

But, in my experience, it could go very wrong. If you’re psycho like me, it can drive you to sabotage the other person. You have access to all their stuff so what’s stopping you? Nothing stopped me. …except him changing his passwords.

The case could also be finding something you don’t want to find out like discovering he’s been paying some webcam girl to talk to him in her underwear and finding out he jokes about telling her he loves her.

Oh well, water under the bridge. Moving on *coughwhorecough*


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