Fearful Future going Asian?!

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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Thank you for all of you who have been reading my blog. I lurve you guys! This blog’s hit count is the physical representation of my self-esteem on a daily basis. So keep ’em coming! And according to it, I was happiest on the 28th thanks to the “I Want to be Asian” post.

After some soul searching (yes, I have one) that began about a week ago, I’m finally considering a focus for this venture. After all, blog guides left and right are telling to me to find my damn “niche” already. Fine, I found one, you happy?

So what’s the “niche”? Asians.

Yep, Asians.

What? I’m one. I like being one. And I can connect every aspect of my life to being one and being a Filipino. It defines who I am. A huge chunk of my life depends on my Asian-ness. Did I tell you I’m Asian? What’s more fun that playing around with the stereotype and telling everybody to shove it up their butts because they’re…okay, sometimes they’re true but whatever.

Besides, I’m one of the many kids living here who can say, without fail, “I’m sorry I can’t, my parents are Asian.”

And that should be fun, right? Here’s where you say, “Yes.”

I know it might be premature to change so quickly but I don’t see why not. I’m still going to find the same things interesting to write about and I’m not going to be rubbing it in your face at every post that I am, in fact, Asian. I’m just trying to boost the Asian word count so it has more chances to show up on Google or something. Asian. Asian. Asian.

So there, Fearful might be changing. It might not even be Fearful anymore! Maybe I no longer have to be fearful because I already know my damn niche. Take that, blog making guides!

But I do want your opinion: all three of you reading this. So please, be a dear and click on the poll. You know you want to. Do it or it’s going in your eye! …Oops, wrong joke.


…or is ^_^ more of an Asian emoticon?

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