I’m Pregnant

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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It’s April Fools. I’m not pregnant. If I was, my parents would be dead of heart attacks by now.

It’s surprising how my two go to websites, Google and Yahoo, aren’t doing any pranks today. YouTube has this 1911 thing (what is that?) but other than that, nothing too interesting on the web. Here I was expecting some Internet-wide prank like Facebook deleting your profile or your Twitter tweeting by itself very incriminating things about your sex life.

Very disappointed. I was reading this article about how people are searching for pranks online and that I should be prepared. But most of all:

I’m still waiting for someone to do a decent prank on anyone (but me. Prank me, I’ll kick you in the balls.) Kudos to the City of Evanston who made some effort to prank the public. It wouldn’t be so lame if it was still snowing.

I would’ve given kudos to this couple I saw on TV who pranks each other all the time. Even the guy’s proposal was part of a prank (but it was a real proposal). Except I can’t find them.

And gold star to Nikki and John for keeping April Fools’ alive everyday.



Pranking anyone today? Maybe you got pranked? Let us know! We’d to laugh at you hear your stories. Vids/Pic or it didn’t happen.

  1. Lee Uh says:

    I find it disappointing that single teens here just change their relationship status as an April fools joke. It was cool last year, but a repeat isn’t funny anymore.

    Though some few years ago, we all thought a friend of ours died of a heart attack. An anonymous number spread the word. It was believable because he did have heart problems and he wasn’t answering his phone for hours. When he did answer his phone, he had no idea that all that happened. I’ve no news on what happened after but I know they started the investigation. Obviously not a good April Fools prank ._.

    • Alex S says:

      Changing a single relationship status is just sad.

      And definitely not a good April Fools prank but that’s a pretty good way to mess with someone.

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