…so the police just pepper spray them.

In Colorado, an 8-year-old got pepper sprayed by the police when he threw a hissy fit at school. Aidan Elliot, as I heard on the Today Show this morning, was allegedly throwing around chairs and wielding a pointed stick at his teachers. Police got called in and they pepper sprayed him to stop the kid.

Did I mention this is the same school district as the Columbine massacre in 1999?

Of course, the mom’s saying the police should’ve responded differently, they should’ve at least “talked him down.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time this happened either. Little Aidan has anger issues and, judging from his interview this morning, he seemed almost mature about it. He actually admitted to not being able to control his anger and when asked about getting sprayed in the face:

Watch Elliott’s interview here.

Anybody else uncomfortable with this?:

I’m pretty sure if you had no idea this was an 8-year-old kid, you’d be fine with him getting sprayed.

The school and police did not press charges for the incident and neither is the mother for the pepper spraying thing.

The kid seems pretty aware that he has a problem and he appears aware of what he was doing at that time. Is it okay that he doesn’t get punished? I’m not saying pepper spray the kid but, if the police have been called to restrain this kid twice before, shouldn’t they be doing something about it?

Detailed article of police encounters with Aidan Elliott. Note the “s”.


He mentions he has anger issues but that doctors have not diagnosed anything wrong with him. Why does it always have to be a disease? Can’t people just say that maybe he just won’t control his feelings? Maybe his folks didn’t teach him that threatening your superiors might get him in trouble? Or maybe he just hates school that much?

Christ, sometimes going to class makes me want to whack the kid beside me with a stick until he stops chewing his damn gum so loudly, but I don’t just go ahead and do it. I’m a freakin’ lady.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m never having kids.

Oh, it’s not that they will turn crazy and threaten to kill people like no one’s business. It’s that I might pepper spray them if they get me on the Today Show and embarrass us both.


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