Is Food Control for Kids Good?

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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Apparently, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are banning parents from sending their kids to school with lunch. School food is way better, CPS claims, and so what if it’s a bit more expensive? (I paraphrased the last part of that) This ban on brown bagging is CPS’s efforts to fight obesity.

Article about CPS banning home made lunches.

Parents of course are upset. Why can’t they prove they love their kids by painstakingly making them lunch everyday? How do they know the school’s food is as healthy? Why the hell is the government telling them how to feed their kids? Damn you, government, we will not succumb to your socialist movements! Okay, they didn’t say that but someone’s bound to throw that ignorant blurb around anyway.

But no one really cares. They’ll fight childhood obesity whatever it takes. Just look at these states, banning all that is good and tasty just to keep the kids healthy:

“Alabama parents protested a school’s rule that barred students from bringing any drinks from home, as ice water was provided at lunch. East Syracuse, New York schools have outlawed cupcakes and other desserts. And schools around the country have kicked out chocolate milk and soda vending machines. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin even showed up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with dozens of cookies to express her disdain for a debate in the state about recommending teachers limit the number of times per month the sugary treats are eaten in classroom birthday celebrations.”

“But that’s, like, torture!” Yeah, I agree. Unnecessary, too. You really think these kids don’t have access to all that sugary goodness outside school? All the efforts going into controlling what kids can eat in school is a waste. It’s not about limiting what is available to them so they have no choice but to eat healthy. It’s supposed to be about teaching them not to stuff their face until they’re diabetic even with the presence of chocolate cupcakes covered with peanut butter frosting and marshmallows and chocolate drizzles with a side of strawberry milksh—what was I saying?

Sadly, there was no significant mention of the kids who don’t even have anything to eat. What are they doing for those kids? Did you know that 1 in 4 kids in the US go to bed hungry?

My point is, this probably isn’t the best move although the motivation is good. We should listen to this guy:

Sounds like a good plan, sir.

PS. It’s not socialism btw. They’re regulating food, not rationing it. >_>


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