Fight Bullying with Surgery

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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Everyday I am more convinced that we’re turning into a society of pussies.

Samantha Shaw, 7 years old, underwent surgery to fix her quirky-looking ears because of bullying. Well, she said she wasn’t exactly being bullied but her mom said the adults were saying comments about her kid and they wanted to fix her ears to prevent bullying in the future.

Jesus christ, where to start…

It seems Samantha is more well-adjusted than the mother. The kid already said she wasn’t really being bullied about her ear but mom’s got to be all touchy about the subject. Ma’am, your kid was about to grow a pair and thicker skin. Thank you for possibly rendering yet another child socially inept for the future.

What is this measure teaching Samantha and every other kid with a quirk?

While I get that bullying is becoming more and more serious (and dangerous) in America, making a kid’s ears look more normal is just telling those bullies that they won. Instead of making Samantha Shaw conform so that the bullies won’t find anything to attack her on, why not teach the kid to toughen up? Parents are babying their children too much now. It’s simply impossible to protect your kid from everything and doing so robs them of the opportunity to learn what life really is like and how to deal with it. A lot of people in the world are assholes and that’s just the way it is.

This surgery felt like a chase after instant gratification. Instead of addressing the way kids relate to and treat each other, the mom just went ahead and fixed the ears to get it over with.

Doctor says this was serious stuff that needed to be done. Really?

Philip Defranco’s video, jump to 4:02

Besides, like Philip Defranco says, aren’t we supposed to embrace our individuality? Going through this surgery just sent the message that it’s not acceptable to look or be different. And it’s the shit we get from other people that help us figure out who we are.

Courtesy of ABC

And I’m looking at the pictures and I have no idea what exactly is wrong with her. When we were little, my brother’s ears looked at least twice that size (and compared to his skinny head, they still look huge). We used to call him a monkey or a lizard because he looked like one. They always called me a piglet because I was fat as fuck. But look at us, we grew up fine because our parents told us we were awesome just the way we were and those bullies were just jealous. And that we shouldn’t be so sensitive to what insensitive people say.

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Using cosmetic surgery to put an end to bullying is the wrong tactic. What kind of message are we sending to kids? The parents are not teaching her the right way to deal with bullying and they should have complained to the school rather put her under the knife.

    • Alex S says:

      I agree. It would seem they just took the easy way out of the situation. What bothered me as well was that the girl wasn’t even being bullied by her peers but the mom just said the other adults were making comments about her. The kids weren’t even the problem, it was the adults.

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