Guy and Girl-speak Decoded?

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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There are a whole bunch of these articles about the hidden meanings behind what people say. It’s popular belief that women never say what they mean and that men can’t say what they mean.

Let’s look at a couple:

GuySpeak Decoded?

I totally got that wrong. When a guy compliments anything I’m wearing, I’m assuming either he’s gay or that he found nothing else to compliment. But it was never like “Oh I like your earrings” “Really? That must mean you’re so into me!” And I don’t know who get offended when their legs are complimented. If it was her ass or her breasts, I would expect someone to get rejected.

You have to be a special kind of dense not to get this. Relationships are simple. Either you want to be in it or you don’t. There’s no break. There are, however, break ups. Like the article said, if he likes you and wants to be with you then he’ll make it happen.

I’m pretty sure guys rarely want to get into a long, emotional discussion ever.

Okay, how about we decode GirlSpeak?

Yeah, this is probably true. It’s called playing hard to get. You know? That thing we do so people don’t go ahead calling us easy sluts. And also sometimes we just really don’t like you and we’re just trying to be nice about it.

Yep, another one of those stuff we like to do so you don’t realize (right away, at least) that we are that crazy bitch you were afraid we were. We like to appear all calm and collected. Another thing about this is sometimes, it kinda hurts our feelings that you pick us up and leave us whenever you damn well please.

This is totally true especially if you cancelled out on a date with us to hang out with the boys. Again, it hurts our feelings (yeah, much like a lot of things in the world. shut up…) that you made a commitment to us and didn’t deliver. But because we don’t want to seem like a psycho obsessive girl, we’ll let you go. But don’t expect us to be happy when you’re back.

Here’s the thing: If another girl’s name comes up in conversation, you can bet that your girl already has at least 3 worst-case scenarios in her head. She’s probably already thinking that you’re thinking of Diane, flirting with her, or sleeping with her. And please, no one’s falling for the “Oh she’s nothing” speech. If she’s in the conversation, she’s something already.

But are these decoders really all that good? Maybe the guy really is listening and is just waiting for you to finish talking before he responds. Maybe the girl really is fine with you going out with the boys and having the night to herself. Maybe all these decoders are making our lives more miserable, giving meaning where there isn’t any, and leading us on with these assumptions. Maybe it’s giving us the wrong impression that we can’t all just be adults and say what we mean.

Yeah, fat chance.


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