Getting Happy with the 4/20?

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Unbounded Learning
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Today is April 20 (4/20): National Pot Smokers Day. Says a lot about the society when you set a special day for potheads, huh?

I was reading the Chicago Tribune today and learned a couple of neat stuff about this day.

Courtesy of Phoenix Police Dept

According the article, Evan Mills from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories “calculates the annual energy cost of indoor marijuana production at $5B, with associated greenhouse emissions equivalent to that of 3 million average automobiles” (wrote Rob Manker).

Read Chicago Tribune article here.

Also, the pot culture got the 4:20 name in the 70s thanks to a group of high school kids (probably potheads) from California. They’re called the Waldos (as in Where’s Waldo?). Here’s why they coined the term.

I also came upon this article from Mail Online that has a bunch of interesting facts about pot in our culture. But this line, written by Steven Hager from High Time Magazine (there’s a magazine for being high?) almost made me laugh:

Oh, okay. =)

I’ve seen plenty of videos on YouTube with kids acting dumber than usual because they were high. Totally responsible, man.

But it is impressive how humanity can always find a way to make something good out of something bad. Medical marijuana seems like a great idea (read here what it’s for). But I grew up being taught that drugs will render you useless to society and have you end up like bums  in jail, with no jobs, no diplomas and…you get the picture my folks painted for me. So I don’t know, I’m on the fence.

Hehe instructions to get a marijuana card for your health problems, anyone?

Who knew there was so much legitimate stuff on pot? Magazines, websites, organizations, legislations. It’s just incredible how people are so into this.

I’ve never smoked pot. Too much of a pussy to do it.

Have you ever tried it?


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