Dead Baby Comes Back to Life

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Unbounded Learning
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Look at that, it’s Easter all over again! Seriously.

Parents of Easter Baby

News from 9News reports an incredible and somewhat creepy incident in Resistencia, Argentina. Analia Bouter (mommy of Easter baby, shown in picture) delivered a stillborn baby girl. She insisted on seeing the corpse so like  of course, she and her husband goes down to the morgue and have the baby’s coffin pried open.

And voila! The baby whimpers! SHE LIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEESSSSSS!

Luz Milagros (originally named Luciana Abigail but changed because her parents agree that she is an awesome miracle baby) was premature and sick but managed to survive 12 hours in the coffin.

I have to wonder: How on earth do you manage to put a live child in the morgue? Were the doctors just like, “Eh, this baby looks kind of crappy and sick and it doesn’t look like she’s breathing so go throw her out”.

The medical staff who overlooked this tiny fact that the baby is ALIVE are under investigation.

CNN Coverage of Luz Milagros in ICU

Personally, I think this is funny. Not that Luz Milagros almost got buried alive but that it’s like Jesus on Easter, coming back to life like a boss. I almost wish she was a boy and they’d name him Jesus and tell him he was named after another dude who rose from the dead. Except he was more epic because it only took him 12 hours to come back and the other dude took three days.

(They should leave the part out that “he” was mistaken for dead and was never really dead. Just to make the story cooler.)

  1. 12 hours. Like a boss indeed. I’m suprised when I survive any twelve hour span in my life.

  2. indieblack says:

    Ha! Clever girl! This was a story ripe for the Easter connection. The baby won’t remember a thing, but, of course, the media will catch up with this kid when she turns 16. And she will say just that “I don’t really remember.” End of interview, ha!

  3. Seth Epps says:

    Is it bad that I wasn’t surprised by this at all? I guess I’ve come to expect incompetence all around in our society.

  4. jcovar says:

    12 hours in a coffin? I can’t even stand being in a quiet room for more than 30 minutes, let alone an enclosed box. I can imagine the parents being extremely happy, of course, and then extra pissed (very understandable) for such a huge mistake on the doctor’s’ part.

    • Alex says:

      But you also have to consider that this was a sick infant. They don’t do anything too interesting, not like they have a social life to get to. She was just probably hanging in there thinking, “WTF? I’m hungry. I’m sleepy. I need to poop.”

  5. evanwstoner says:

    This story sounds like the beginning of an episode of Law & Order: SVU or something. Very entertaining.

  6. michaela says:

    I heard about this! I’m with you–I don’t understand how you could mistake a baby for dead, alive is pretty hard to miss…

  7. leannediane says:

    Oh man, this reminds me of the story that my mother has told for over 25 years now. Here is the link; I have visited that grave 3 or 4 times in my life; which is kinda weird now that I think about it. But my mother LOVES ghost stories and hauntings, so I grew up being well acquainted with the dead. There was also another story about a 20 year old girl dying and being buried, yet her mother kept having nightmares that she was still alive, so she begged until they exhumed her body and there were scratch marks on the inside of the coffin and her nails were all bloody. She was buried alive. Scary, right? Theses were my bedtime stories…..

    • daniellevd says:

      Hahaha! “These were my bedtime stories”. Honestly, kind of sounds like some shit I would say to my future kids. Is that story true about the girl who had claw marks inside her coffin? That is…terrifying. I’ll probably have trouble sleeping tonight 😦

  8. Wow, what was going on with the medical staff? I mean, how could you miss all the available signs that someone might still be alive? If you’re a regular joe or jane in a panic cause someone looks like their not breathing, that’s one thing. But these were professional with equipment, right? To be completely dead, wouldn’t there have to be a.) no breathing, b.) no brain activity, c.) release of fluids from th bowels, d.) no pulse, e.) skin changing color etc? And the baby was in the coffin was 12 hours? I guess she survived not needing as much air to breath with her tiny lungs. It’s a miracle and that family should be overjoyed, but they need to find a lawyer quick too!

  9. isazarur says:

    Wow. I can’t believe they didn’t realize the baby was alive! That’s ridiculous. But this definitely is an interesting story.

  10. rigo3321 says:

    She should have done an Uma Thurman from “Kill Bill”. Maybe that was a bit insensitive. But she survived so we can laugh about it now. You know, in spanish “dar a luz” means to give birth. So technically, she gave birth to a miracle. Parents were a little more clever than the people that worked in the morgue.

  11. daniellevd says:

    Sigh, the subject “Dead Baby Comes Back to Life” made me chuckle. Only because I’ve heard my fair share of ‘dead baby’ jokes and that phrase is kind of engrained in my brain. And the fact that this happened on Easter is just…just fucking PERFECT.
    Also why would the doctors just put the baby in a coffin and toss it in the morgue? Did they not ask the parents if they wanted to see the baby first or anything? Weirdness in that hospital ya’ll. They were probably all too busy with their secret scandals to focus on a heartbeat. Like Grey’s Anatomy or something.

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