Menthol Cigarettes: Makes You Die Faster

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Unbounded Learning
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Reuters reports on MSNBC that researchers found menthol cigarette smokers to be at higher risk of getting strokes that regular cigarette smokers.

My brother is a smoker and he could be smoking chocolate-flavored cigarettes for all I care, it still smells like crap. Why your cigarette’s flavor matters, I know not but okay, moving on..

Apparently the risk is higher in women and African Americans as well.

That's pretty much what you're doing. Aside from smelling like an ashtray. And tasting like one.

Personally, I don’t care. If people want to smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, and embrace their God-given mission to procreate (or at least practice more than most people), go ahead. It’s every person’s right to be stupid, damnit! And it’s also my right to refuse to kiss you if you smell like you just ate a bunch of newspaper.

What bothers me is not so much the fact that smoking is bad for you (duh) but it’s this particular line in the article:



“But manufacturers disagree.”

Really? No shit. I would’ve sworn they’d tell you their products causes your lungs to shrivel up and your brain to get all screwed up from potential strokes and quite possibly kill you from all the health risks involved in willingly smoking a stick full of garbage.

Good job, Captain Obvious.

  1. bethanyshort says:

    I love those who do not know how to live for today.

  2. velvedi says:

    I quit smoking 1 1/2 years ago. So glad I did. I can actually enjoy the taste of food now, run without stopping every two minutes, and wake up without that terrible deep pain in my chest. I can’t believe that after smoking Newports and waking up with that pain every morning, I could convince myself that switching to Reds would be any better.

    • Alex says:

      Congratulations! that’s some dedication right there.
      Doesn’t make sense to me either. It’s every person’s right to smoke if they want to, but the smell just makes me feel violated. It’s not even when people are smoking, it’s when they’re done smoking and they STILL smell.

  3. Ere says:

    I can’t stand how squares smell sometimes, but I can say I don’t smoke them. I do it from time to time BUT the bs the company’s are on trying to convince the public that there okay. Honestly nobody’s that stupid.

  4. Uhh…I think you’re taking this a little far, though. I mean, cigarette packs are required to explicitly say what health risks you face if you smoke. And, I believe, they will now start (if they haven’t already) printing disgusting images on packs of people who’ve gotten oral diseases and such from smoking.

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