Scared into Veganism

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Unbounded Learning
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I have nothing against the vegan lifestyle. It’s a way to live life and I am a firm believer that as long as it is not a threat to anyone else’s safety, people have the right to live however they damn well please. But I heard about this book on vegetarianism that I firmly disagree with.

“Vegan is Love” is a children’s book written and illustrated by Ruby Roth. At first, I thought that was this was a cool idea. Roth is a vegan activist and a mother who is raising her kid in the vegan lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, if you can raise your kid in the faith you believe in, why not vegetarianism? And through a book? That’s sensible.


I heard about this on the Today Show where they also talked to a nutritionist and a child psychologist who raised some really good points.

See the Today Show clip here.

The book depicts some images of animal cruelty which isn’t all that brutal but are enough to instill fear in children. It’s almost like the sole purpose of the book is to scare kids out of eating meat.

I’m pretty sure that’s a bad way to teach someone how to embrace a certain lifestyle. It’s like teaching a kid to be a Catholic by scaring the shit out of them with stories about Hell and the devil. Plus, is it really a good idea to make food (at least meat) an object of evil, an enemy? Food should not be a source of frustration. That screws up kids and adults alike. Food should be approached with appreciation, not fear.

I can see it already. It’s like sex ed. They scared us with STDs and HIV and the potential of getting our little hearts broken by guys who will never bother to call the next morning and that the only salvation is through abstinence. But look at our relationship with sex now.

There will be vegan kids who will grow up to spite their vegan elders and eat meat.

(as appropriate to both situations but I’m sure you got that, wink wink.)

(I’m not gonna get a lower grade for being perverted am I?)

(Please don’t leave my blog =( )

  1. jcovar says:

    I could never be vegan, I love cheese wayyy too much. I am curious to read the book though!

    • Alex says:

      If you do, let me know what you think of it. They showed a couple of pages on the Today Show and it’s definitely not something you’d usually see in a children’s book.

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