Thank God

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Unbounded Learning
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Back in Philippines, everyone I went to school with a graduating from college. Aside from the egregious amount of graduation pictures they’ve posted on Facebook, there is an even more obnoxious amount of posts that go something like this:

"Kaboom! Finally graduating!"

I find it a little off putting that people thank god for what they and other people have worked for. College would not have been the best four years of her life if she didn’t make it so. And what about the professors, the teachers, and everyone else who made it possible?

Some would say that none of the opportunities that come our way would not be possible if god or some higher power had not willed it. I disagree. I say it is a matter of mathematics. The chances we get are products of our actions or the actions of others, directly or indirectly.

If everything in our life is of free will (as god would have granted us, according to some), then what does he have to do with it?

When you graduate, who will you thank?

  1. Seth Epps says:

    This comment probably won’t get me many friends, but you can never be successful in rationalizing religion. By definition, faith and reason are incompatible. That’s not to say that a person of faith can never be rational, but their faith certainly can’t be. Otherwise it’s not faith. That’s why I think the current wave of biblical literalism is so downright idiotic, as is wanting the bible to influence anything other than personal beliefs (e.g. laws).

  2. rachelroyster says:

    I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this. I honestly can’t say that I can thank anyone for helping me through college. I worked 20 hours a week all four years, commuted almost an hour each way and still made the dean’s list. Yeah, I did that. I’m not sharing the credit with anyone.

  3. izzygirrl says:

    I’m not saying this to offend anyone, but I think religion is used to help people through life. I think it’s kind of like having a motivational speaker with you at all times.

  4. I think it’s easier than admitting that no one really knows, or worse, that there’s nothing out there. Yeeesh. We’re all insecure and no blanket can quite cover that up like a religion can.

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