Nutella is Good for Your Health

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Unbounded Learning

So claims their advertisements. Therefore, we can eat it as much as we possibly could like broccoli and kale.

(Personally, I do. Doesn’t matter if it has a ridiculous amount of sugar per serving, I’d go into some kind of sugar coma as a happy person.)

According to a story that came out recently, Athena Hohenberg sued Ferrero (manufacturer of this divine spread) for $3 million because Nutella advertisement led her to believe that the spread is perfectly healthy. Because of this, she realized she has been feeding her daughter such an unhealthy food!

See article here. (You can file a claim and get reimbursed if you bought Nutella recently)


…of ridiculous people like Hohenberg. So let me get this straight: Because she fed her kid unhealthy food due to her lack of action, i.e. READING A GODDAMN LABEL, she is entitled to $3 million. Three million dollars. Awarded to someone who blamed someone else for her own mistake.

The fact that she’d even sue for this is utterly ridiculous.

And she won? Man, she has way too much time in her hands. Lawyers who worked on this have way too much time in their hands.

If I had a dollar for everytime I blamed someone else for my mistake, my brother would owe me $17,908 for every time he left the toilet seat up and I didn’t look before used it and almost fell in.

  1. michaela says:

    Now here is a case of stupidity worthy of calling stupid. I hate this kind of stuff. (and Nutella, go figure…)

    No one takes responsibilty for themselves anymore. Or their kids. It’s like everyone just wants to sit around and point fingers like a whiny baby. Annoying. Own your shit, people. Damn.

    • Alex says:

      You hate Nutella?!?! What is wrong with you?!?! Kidding, I’m actually surprised that I only know one other person who likes it: my mother. She doesn’t even eat it. She just likes it because I eat it.

      I agree, no one takes responsibility anymore for their kids. Remember each time Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Banana or something did something “shocking” like get a nose ring or mock Asians? Parents were a seizure over it. Hello? It’s Miley Cyrus. Go raise your kids yourselves!

  2. Hahaha, Oh the horror! Is that what was bothering Brando so much? I was recently at a pub/bar and saw a toasted nutella sandwhich with banana and honey on the menu. O my, would anything broadcast “I’m high as hell” any louder than consuming one of those? I think that’s a sandwhich best made at home.
    In response to the lawsuit, I think Nutella is competing with Gatorade in the area of power gel. Slurping down some Nutella from a foil pouch is a great way to enforce the whole “My body is a temple thing”

    • Alex says:

      Sir, I demand you tell me the name of this magical pub/bar that serves this epic treat! I want to try that. Scratch that. I NEED to try that. It sounds so wrong I think the sandwich making process is best left to professionals.

      I think if you’re trying to enforce the body as a temple thing, putting Gatorade and Nutella in your body just makes your body into one of those abandoned churches where homeless people sleep and crackheads shoot up. I mean, it’s still a temple of some sort.

      • I think it was the Oak Park kitchen bar or someshing like that, very close to Lake theater. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be caught dead in that neighborhood. Try it at home!

  3. rigo3321 says:

    I LOVE NUTELLA!! in paris i had a nutella, banana, and coconut crepe and it was the most delicious thing in the world!!!

  4. W-L says:

    I love nutellla, but my sister is in love with it she get’s mad when I eat it. Anyways wtf on this one, people are crazy, Americans want to sue others just for the fuck of it.

  5. Yeah, I love Nutella too, but it makes me fat.

    Frivoulous lawsuits are pretty dope and entertaining. It just shows how flawed the system is.

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