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Normally I hate kids but I just had to sub this:

Kid 1: You ready, man?

Kid 2: I dunno, bro, she’s watching. Ah shit, nevermind. Let’s go!

Kid 1: So what if she’s watching? She’s too dumb to understand our complex language.

Kid 2: LOL

Kid 1: Come on, stop screwing around. I’ll give you a boost and you can open the fridge and get us some of the old man’s booze.

Kid 2: What the hell? I don’t want you dropping me!

Kid 1: You have a better plan? Stop goofing around! Let’s go, man!

Kid2: LOL

Kid 1: Wtf are you laughing at? Are you high?

Kid 2: Jesus christ, chill, man. She’s watching.

I could go on but I’ll let you sub the rest because I have homework to do.