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Look at that, it’s Easter all over again! Seriously.

Parents of Easter Baby

News from 9News reports an incredible and somewhat creepy incident in Resistencia, Argentina. Analia Bouter (mommy of Easter baby, shown in picture) delivered a stillborn baby girl. She insisted on seeing the corpse so like  of course, she and her husband goes down to the morgue and have the baby’s coffin pried open.

And voila! The baby whimpers! SHE LIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEESSSSSS!

Luz Milagros (originally named Luciana Abigail but changed because her parents agree that she is an awesome miracle baby) was premature and sick but managed to survive 12 hours in the coffin.

I have to wonder: How on earth do you manage to put a live child in the morgue? Were the doctors just like, “Eh, this baby looks kind of crappy and sick and it doesn’t look like she’s breathing so go throw her out”.

The medical staff who overlooked this tiny fact that the baby is ALIVE are under investigation.

CNN Coverage of Luz Milagros in ICU

Personally, I think this is funny. Not that Luz Milagros almost got buried alive but that it’s like Jesus on Easter, coming back to life like a boss. I almost wish she was a boy and they’d name him Jesus and tell him he was named after another dude who rose from the dead. Except he was more epic because it only took him 12 hours to come back and the other dude took three days.

(They should leave the part out that “he” was mistaken for dead and was never really dead. Just to make the story cooler.)