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Oh wait, I am.

I meant the cute, lovely, stereotypical kind of Asian girl you think of when they say “azn gurls r hott”. Like this:

Ku Hye Sun from "Boys Over Flowers"

Filipinos are hot, too (of course, I’m one!) but there’s something different about Korean girls on TV. They’re so delicate-looking, so girly, so cute, and very very fashionable. But nothing too creepy like ulzzang.

What the hell is ulzzang?

Ulzzang: Cute overload!!

A Korean friend of mine said that means “awesome face” . But she also expressed a regret of how materialistic and obsessed with looks some Korean girls can be. I think that happens with all girls, though.

I’m sure I’m not the only Filipino kid who feels like they want to wake up one day with porcelain skin, big doe eyes, and a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes. When I was in Manila last summer, everybody was all about the Koreans. Korean soap opera, Korean super markets, Korean hair salons. Then I remember about four years ago, it was all about the Taiwanese: Thank you F4 for bringing Meteor Garden into our boring lives.

Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers, Korean version of the manga Hana Yori Dango.

Did I lose you there? It’s all a bunch of Asian soaps with the same exact story. And yes, I watched the Korean and Taiwanese versions.

Oh, and before I forget, I lurve K-Pop. Especially all the girl groups. It’s very reminiscent of the Spice Girls to me. Except I enjoy K-Pop more. The music is really good in my opinion and the videos are creative. I wish the American pop scene was like this. I’m getting bored of Katy Perry’s large breasts and mediocre voice.

This is 2ne1. Park Sandara (girl in green on first group dance shot) used to be in Big Brother Philippines. That’s where people discovered her. Who knew she was a cool performer?

It’s almost sad that young Filipino culture have always been looking to other Asian cultures for inspiration. Maybe it’s jealousy. I mean, if you think geeky, smart Asian you think Chinese. Stylish Asian = Japanese. Asian doctor = Indian. What kind of Asians are Filipinos? Let me give you a minute there.

“Jesus, Alex, stereotype much?”

Yes, stereotype much.

Angelica Panganiban


But when I think about it, there are some things we can be proud of as Filipinos. We have some gorgeous celebrities, too. A huge chunk of health care professionals are from Philippines. We did the whole People Power thing. Filipinos are big on family values. Filipinas are very attractive and make great wives (most of us that is). ¬†And look at me! Come on, that’s gotta count for something.

But still, can’t hurt to admire other kinds of Asians, right?