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AT&T bought T-Mobile USA for $39 billion today.

Let me get this out of the way first: The article said that T-Mobile USA is the third largest mobile provider but I looked it up and I think Sprint would be the third largest provider with 49.9 million subscribers in February 2011. Whatever, it said so on Wikipedia so don’t quote me on that.

…oh wait, it said “mobile groups”, maybe that means something else. Either way, when it comes to mobile providers AT&T’s second, Sprint’s third, T-Mobile’s fourth.

Happier with Verizon

Back to the merger. I’ve never had good experience with either companies. My phone used to be with T-Mobile and our bills were just strange. They’d be different from month to month and fees would be popping up here and there.

Don’t get me started with AT&T. We have U-Verse at home and at least twice a day, the TV would freeze and jump like we were watching a show from a scratched up bootlegged DVD. You’d have to change the channel and fuck around with it before it goes back to normal.


Not only is the mobile services bad for AT&T, the customer service is shit, too. For our first month’s bill, I told them to take me off the auto-pay plan and they said they can’t and I have to wait until the next month. The next month I get like a $700 bill telling me I didn’t pay the last month’s bill. I spend an hour and half on the phone with some Filipino kid with a stuck up attitude from some call center in Manila (trust me, we have PLENTY of them) telling me they took me off the plan when I called in first. I’m like, wtf? You’re really going to talk to me like I’m stupid? I know how much you make, punk! My big brother’s probably your damn boss! Of course, I say that in a nice way.

So is this merger going to be a clusterfuck waiting to happen? Hopefully not because then it would be a really expensive clusterfuck, don’t you think?

Verizon is the largest mobile provider, in case you’re wondering.

PS. I was looking for sites to explain Filipino call centers and found this site. I didn’t read it but the lady on the banner looks like my brother’s gf. -_-