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It’s great that Congress finally got its stuff together and managed not to screw over more people than necessary. But now the heat goes down on Obama.

An Associated Press article points out that Obama isn’t delivering on his promises.

Apparently people are losing faith in him which, personally, I think is misdirected anger. If there’s one thing I learned from my current events class last semester it is that everybody is responsible for the mess this country’s in right now; it’s not just Obama.

For one, the economic meltdown wasn’t solely Obama’s fault (I’m not defending him, I’m just pointing it out). While the majority of Americans get that, there are still some who feel like Obama should be pulling us out of this mess with magic, blaming him because the employment rate isn’t rising fast enough, and people now need to actually live within their means. It’s like blaming your teacher for not raising you right.


Or something. I’m terrible at metaphors.

Change takes time


Two, the change Obama promised isn’t going to come overnight. It’s just plain stupid to even expect that his efforts will magically turn this country into prime gold again in the span of four short years. Even the successes and failures of past presidents emerged from years and years of efforts from leaders before them. America didn’t turn into a superpower overnight the same way its economic collapse didn’t happen overnight.

Three, while I understand that as a leader Obama should be able to “lead” the country and other individuals in power, there’s only so much he can do. Ever heard of checks and balances? Feller’s article touched on that, fortunately. Obama can be the most charismatic guy in the world but I doubt that’s going to stop the Republicans and Democrats from forgetting they actually have to look out for their constituents. I’m sure they do but I’ve heard plenty about their blame game recently that I’m just not so sure anymore.

Tea party’s reaction to the shutdown: here’s a reason a dislike¬†them.

Finally, everyone is to blame. Even the citizens are, whether they voted or not. I bet a huge chunk of the voting population aren’t as informed as they should be about the people they put into power. Can’t blame them, if I could vote I’d probably either be a nonvoter or an uninformed voter. But this is what happens. The people in Congress are responsible. President is responsible. (But yes, some might have a bigger responsibility than others) We can’t be reaping the benefits of this country and be washing our hands clean when it gets all messed up. With the exception of foreign affairs and terrorism, we can blame other people for that without looking like assholes.

I was really worried about the government shutting down but an hour before Congress realized they were being retarded, I realized I really don’t care. They can’t possibly shut down the government for 2 years so by the time I’m applying for a real job, I won’t have to worry about competing with the people who lost their federal jobs. Military people are still going to get paid despite the shutdown and if they’re smart, they would have a savings account to dip into while they wait for the government to open and pay them later. So really, it wouldn’t have affected me much.

Still, the budget issue isn’t over yet. Congress avoided the shutdown for a little longer but who know, maybe they’ll have something else to argue about again before budget deal vote thing happens on Wednesday.

What’s happening now? Obama signed a short-term funding deal.

On a last note about this boring post (not a fan of writing about politics but I was interested for a while there): Is it me or was the buzz about the government shutdown not as big as I would’ve imagined it to be? Government was on the verge of shutting down and there wasn’t as much panic or anger as I thought there would be.

You think the economic meltdown was bad, try introducing the government shutdown.

Legislation needs to get the budget figured out by midnight tomorrow before government budget runs out. If they can’t, the government shutdown fucks up millions of Americans because they can’t get paid. ¬†According to Alan Grayson from the Huffington Post, this is bad for college kids like me and military people like my boyfriend. I can’t get government student loans and he’s not getting paid. Did I mention that a shitload of federal workers are going to lose their jobs, too?

Alan Grayson’s explanation of the government shutdown.

People getting fucked over by this according to the Washington Post.

But hey, Grayson says we can all go broke and file for bankruptcy. Yeah, tell that to people getting laid off and my boyfriend in the Air Force whose not getting paid. Where the hell are these people supposed to get money for rent or, I don’t know, food?

Oh right, the Republicans don’t give a shit. (At least that’s what I’ve been reading)

Okay, so maybe I’m being incredibly pretentious here. I’m not exactly affected as I don’t use student loans from the government and my folks don’t work for the government. But it does bother me that my boyfriend isn’t getting paid. Sooner or later, he’s going to be stressed about the money (as if working overtime and weekends isn’t bad enough) and guess who’s relationship gets fucked over?

Selfish, I know. Plenty of people out there with families to provide for losing their jobs and here I am complaining about this.

What I don’t understand is why the Republicans are letting it come to this. What is up with the constant need to disagree with the other party (yeah, Democrats do it, too)? Can’t these people just figure out what to do and not fuck up the rest of the country? Not everyone sits on millions of dollars here; this country can’t afford to not have money while legislators play their blame games.

Sen. Howard Dean says the shutdown is the best thing in the world. Here’s why:

Really? That’s so mature, isn’t it? I don’t see why these people can’t figure out a budget right now. The economy sucks, America’s in debt, everybody’s broke. Deal with it. No amount of budget cuts is going to change that overnight. These legislators really think bashing each other out helps? Hey, if every insult and blame you guys throw at someone pays someone’s rent, knock yourselves out.

As an immigrant, I will never cease to be amazed by the US bipartisan politics. It’s like…okay, I don’t have a metaphor but it’s ridiculous nonetheless.

And here I was thinking this country’s so awesome with all its power, money, and smart, educated leaders; I thought this government had its shit all figured out. Turns out it’s just as screwed up as Philippines, except we never had a government shutdown there.