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What’s the best age to get married? Marrying early or marrying late both have pros and cons. If you marry early, you have better chances of having kids and you have the chance to grow up together, sort of sync your lives in some way. But marrying early also means you may not be as financially and emotionally mature. On the other hand, marrying later means you have less chances of getting divorced because you’re both stable and ready for the commitment. The downside is you’ll probably spend more time looking for your partner and you’re not getting any younger.

Or do you even have to get married?

USA Today’s article on the ideal marrying age.

It seems like marrying later is better. It makes sense. You know who you are, who you want to be with, and you’ve probably gotten the most you can get out of the frat boy lifestyle by that time. Question is, how much later? Late 20s? 30s? Uh…40s?

When it comes to marrying late, one of the biggest concern is kids. Would you really want to be a 35 year old man helping your wife change diapers? (But then again, you might be financially stable enough that you can hire someone else to do that) Would you want to spend your 50s lecturing your teenage kid about drinking and drugs?

Cosmopolitan says women should marry after 25.

Still no sign that marrying early is better than marrying late. Even outside these Internet articles. The only exception I can think of are my folks who married at 20 and been together for 25 years. But that’s different; they had kids and their values were traditionally Filipino. Divorce wasn’t really an option.

That’s another thing. Divorce rate here is almost at 50% if not higher. Makes you not want to get married at all. says it might not even matter to guys because they don’t plan on it.

I’m not going to lie, I dislike this piece. It makes it sound like you’re giving up everything fun when you get married. But that’s a matter of perspective, right? Look at me, I’m 20 and I can’t wait to settle down. I like the whole idea of being a wife (provided my future husband isn’t a lying asshole). Then look at my…I don’t know what to call him, but he’s the life of the party. We don’t really have similar values (which is why we won’t get married) so we might view marriage differently.

Besides, just because a person turned 30 doesn’t always mean they want to give up partying and settle down (then again, you can still do that even when you’re married. Just remember, sex life goes downhill  after the first child.)

But at the same time, the article makes sense. Marriage isn’t supposed to be some proof of your status in life, it isn’t some defining feature of your personal growth. Besides, if you respect each other and want to take care of each other, do you really need a piece of paper to prove that?

You don't need to be married to be in love

Sure, getting married has some perks. You get tax stuff, you get to visit them in the hospital, and you have legal reason to be seriously pissed if your spouse was cheating on you. But other than that, is it all that necessary?Getting married doesn’t seem like it has to be “the next step” anymore. Love definitely has nothing to do with it. Neither does commitment. Both of those can be shown by the way you treat each other everyday, not by some event where you sign a paper and the girl changes her last name to yours.

Or maybe this is just me being bitter because I know I’ll end up as one of those ladies with a bunch of cats.



PS. Scientific American’s article on ideal gap between married couples. Lol I’d be down for that.

PPS. gives 10 reason not to get married. Why do they make it sound like getting married means “forking over your life”?

I just realized how hard it is to find a job here in America (so much for the land of opportunity). It’s not just about the unemployment rate haunting every broke college kid. It’s more about every hoop and ditch you have to jump over just to get experience that will hopefully get you a job.

Back in Philippines, kids have it way easier. High school kids (with the exception of the few who can’t afford school) don’t even know what a job is. We have our parents for that. Nobody hires in college. No one ever had to worry about paying for college because it’s socially dictated that that’s the parent’s job. It’s ridiculous here. Even middle school students are working. College students are bending over backwards to work for school, food, and shelter. Full time students and full time employees.

Filipino college kids don’t have to worry about getting job experience before entering the work force. It’s actually part of their college curriculum. They have on the job training stuff (I don’t know for sure, I moved before I got to that part). And it’s far from the internship hunting experience here in the US. In Manila, if you know someone who has a job, you’re good to go. That’s what relatives are for: they hook you up.

Yes, unfortunately for those who are looking for actual jobs, nepotism’s a big part of the Filipino work culture. But it makes it so much easier for poor little, inexperienced college kids to find a job. Unlike here, you’re on your own.

And when it comes to getting the actual job, the requirements here in America are extensive. You have to have good grades, sufficient job experience, training, possibly a graduate degree, impressive recommendation letters, good references, exceptional skills, and ability to stand out amidst several hundred other candidates with everything mentioned while protecting your job from getting  completely eradicated due to company budget cuts.

CNN’s Top 10 Reason Why Employers Want to  Hire You

What employers look for – Univ. of Minnesota.

All your job hunting goes here. Probably.


You know what you need for a job in Philippines? A high school diploma and knowledge of the English language.


Thank you for all of you who have been reading my blog. I lurve you guys! This blog’s hit count is the physical representation of my self-esteem on a daily basis. So keep ’em coming! And according to it, I was happiest on the 28th thanks to the “I Want to be Asian” post.

After some soul searching (yes, I have one) that began about a week ago, I’m finally considering a focus for this venture. After all, blog guides left and right are telling to me to find my damn “niche” already. Fine, I found one, you happy?

So what’s the “niche”? Asians.

Yep, Asians.

What? I’m one. I like being one. And I can connect every aspect of my life to being one and being a Filipino. It defines who I am. A huge chunk of my life depends on my Asian-ness. Did I tell you I’m Asian? What’s more fun that playing around with the stereotype and telling everybody to shove it up their butts because they’re…okay, sometimes they’re true but whatever.

Besides, I’m one of the many kids living here who can say, without fail, “I’m sorry I can’t, my parents are Asian.”

And that should be fun, right? Here’s where you say, “Yes.”

I know it might be premature to change so quickly but I don’t see why not. I’m still going to find the same things interesting to write about and I’m not going to be rubbing it in your face at every post that I am, in fact, Asian. I’m just trying to boost the Asian word count so it has more chances to show up on Google or something. Asian. Asian. Asian.

So there, Fearful might be changing. It might not even be Fearful anymore! Maybe I no longer have to be fearful because I already know my damn niche. Take that, blog making guides!

But I do want your opinion: all three of you reading this. So please, be a dear and click on the poll. You know you want to. Do it or it’s going in your eye! …Oops, wrong joke.


…or is ^_^ more of an Asian emoticon?

Oh wait, I am.

I meant the cute, lovely, stereotypical kind of Asian girl you think of when they say “azn gurls r hott”. Like this:

Ku Hye Sun from "Boys Over Flowers"

Filipinos are hot, too (of course, I’m one!) but there’s something different about Korean girls on TV. They’re so delicate-looking, so girly, so cute, and very very fashionable. But nothing too creepy like ulzzang.

What the hell is ulzzang?

Ulzzang: Cute overload!!

A Korean friend of mine said that means “awesome face” . But she also expressed a regret of how materialistic and obsessed with looks some Korean girls can be. I think that happens with all girls, though.

I’m sure I’m not the only Filipino kid who feels like they want to wake up one day with porcelain skin, big doe eyes, and a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes. When I was in Manila last summer, everybody was all about the Koreans. Korean soap opera, Korean super markets, Korean hair salons. Then I remember about four years ago, it was all about the Taiwanese: Thank you F4 for bringing Meteor Garden into our boring lives.

Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers, Korean version of the manga Hana Yori Dango.

Did I lose you there? It’s all a bunch of Asian soaps with the same exact story. And yes, I watched the Korean and Taiwanese versions.

Oh, and before I forget, I lurve K-Pop. Especially all the girl groups. It’s very reminiscent of the Spice Girls to me. Except I enjoy K-Pop more. The music is really good in my opinion and the videos are creative. I wish the American pop scene was like this. I’m getting bored of Katy Perry’s large breasts and mediocre voice.

This is 2ne1. Park Sandara (girl in green on first group dance shot) used to be in Big Brother Philippines. That’s where people discovered her. Who knew she was a cool performer?

It’s almost sad that young Filipino culture have always been looking to other Asian cultures for inspiration. Maybe it’s jealousy. I mean, if you think geeky, smart Asian you think Chinese. Stylish Asian = Japanese. Asian doctor = Indian. What kind of Asians are Filipinos? Let me give you a minute there.

“Jesus, Alex, stereotype much?”

Yes, stereotype much.

Angelica Panganiban


But when I think about it, there are some things we can be proud of as Filipinos. We have some gorgeous celebrities, too. A huge chunk of health care professionals are from Philippines. We did the whole People Power thing. Filipinos are big on family values. Filipinas are very attractive and make great wives (most of us that is).  And look at me! Come on, that’s gotta count for something.

But still, can’t hurt to admire other kinds of Asians, right?

AT&T bought T-Mobile USA for $39 billion today.

Let me get this out of the way first: The article said that T-Mobile USA is the third largest mobile provider but I looked it up and I think Sprint would be the third largest provider with 49.9 million subscribers in February 2011. Whatever, it said so on Wikipedia so don’t quote me on that.

…oh wait, it said “mobile groups”, maybe that means something else. Either way, when it comes to mobile providers AT&T’s second, Sprint’s third, T-Mobile’s fourth.

Happier with Verizon

Back to the merger. I’ve never had good experience with either companies. My phone used to be with T-Mobile and our bills were just strange. They’d be different from month to month and fees would be popping up here and there.

Don’t get me started with AT&T. We have U-Verse at home and at least twice a day, the TV would freeze and jump like we were watching a show from a scratched up bootlegged DVD. You’d have to change the channel and fuck around with it before it goes back to normal.


Not only is the mobile services bad for AT&T, the customer service is shit, too. For our first month’s bill, I told them to take me off the auto-pay plan and they said they can’t and I have to wait until the next month. The next month I get like a $700 bill telling me I didn’t pay the last month’s bill. I spend an hour and half on the phone with some Filipino kid with a stuck up attitude from some call center in Manila (trust me, we have PLENTY of them) telling me they took me off the plan when I called in first. I’m like, wtf? You’re really going to talk to me like I’m stupid? I know how much you make, punk! My big brother’s probably your damn boss! Of course, I say that in a nice way.

So is this merger going to be a clusterfuck waiting to happen? Hopefully not because then it would be a really expensive clusterfuck, don’t you think?

Verizon is the largest mobile provider, in case you’re wondering.

PS. I was looking for sites to explain Filipino call centers and found this site. I didn’t read it but the lady on the banner looks like my brother’s gf. -_-