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Normally I hate kids but I just had to sub this:

Kid 1: You ready, man?

Kid 2: I dunno, bro, she’s watching. Ah shit, nevermind. Let’s go!

Kid 1: So what if she’s watching? She’s too dumb to understand our complex language.

Kid 2: LOL

Kid 1: Come on, stop screwing around. I’ll give you a boost and you can open the fridge and get us some of the old man’s booze.

Kid 2: What the hell? I don’t want you dropping me!

Kid 1: You have a better plan? Stop goofing around! Let’s go, man!

Kid2: LOL

Kid 1: Wtf are you laughing at? Are you high?

Kid 2: Jesus christ, chill, man. She’s watching.

I could go on but I’ll let you sub the rest because I have homework to do.


I could win these things, you know

Spring break is supposed to be that time when I get to go out and party like a stupid college kid and hook up with strangers and not use condoms. This is supposed to be the week to hit the beaches and get oggled at by dirty old men. This is the perfect time to drink myself blind and end up on some trashy college website as the winner of a wet tshirt contest.

But no. Instead I’m stuck at home because my parents are Asian (if you’re asian, you’d know what I mean) with three papers due next week. On top of that, I’m supposed to finish Wuthering Heights which, by the way, is filled with really terrible people.

What the hell is wrong with professors? What did we ever do to them to deserve this punishment? Do they not understand that we can’t be productive when spring break starts? Do they know that college students have better things to do at this time? Do we not deserve a week of peace?


…Okay, we don’t but whatever.

I’m just so sick and tired of doing this garbage. On spring break. I know some of you guys are going through this, too. We should all pass a petition to ban homework during spring break like Cornell’s proposing.

Or we could be adults and just do our homework but that isn’t fun.