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I just realized how hard it is to find a job here in America (so much for the land of opportunity). It’s not just about the unemployment rate haunting every broke college kid. It’s more about every hoop and ditch you have to jump over just to get experience that will hopefully get you a job.

Back in Philippines, kids have it way easier. High school kids (with the exception of the few who can’t afford school) don’t even know what a job is. We have our parents for that. Nobody hires in college. No one ever had to worry about paying for college because it’s socially dictated that that’s the parent’s job. It’s ridiculous here. Even middle school students are working. College students are bending over backwards to work for school, food, and shelter. Full time students and full time employees.

Filipino college kids don’t have to worry about getting job experience before entering the work force. It’s actually part of their college curriculum. They have on the job training stuff (I don’t know for sure, I moved before I got to that part). And it’s far from the internship hunting experience here in the US. In Manila, if you know someone who has a job, you’re good to go. That’s what relatives are for: they hook you up.

Yes, unfortunately for those who are looking for actual jobs, nepotism’s a big part of the Filipino work culture. But it makes it so much easier for poor little, inexperienced college kids to find a job. Unlike here, you’re on your own.

And when it comes to getting the actual job, the requirements here in America are extensive. You have to have good grades, sufficient job experience, training, possibly a graduate degree, impressive recommendation letters, good references, exceptional skills, and ability to stand out amidst several hundred other candidates with everything mentioned while protecting your job from getting  completely eradicated due to company budget cuts.

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You know what you need for a job in Philippines? A high school diploma and knowledge of the English language.