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On May 30th, a Connecticut man named John Eastman was charged with first-degree child pornography. How did he come about this porn? By impersonating One Direction’s Harry Styles on Skype and “enticing” young girls with it.

According to various news sources, Eastman would pose as Styles using the Skype handle Harry.Styles888 and promise young girls with concert tickets in exchange for sexual acts on camera or nude pictures.

I’m all against this guy. Child pornography is cruel and, not to mention, gross. But it merits to also look at the victims. More importantly, the victim’s parents.

Where were these parents when their girls were getting naked on camera? In fact, why is there even a computer with a camera in a room where these girls are not monitored (assuming they are young and naive enough to fall for this)? The lack of supervision is one problem here. Kids are not inherently stupid, but they are not inherently smart enough to know trouble either.

Harry Styles from One Direction

Harry Styles from One Direction. Not my type.

Also, it says a lot about the kind of child who would believe Harry.Styles888 is, in fact, Harry Styles. Yes, that’s absolutely legit (insert sarcasm here). The world is full of sick people and it is smart not to believe everything you hear or see, especially as a child. But little girls don’t know that. Little girls have never been scammed or taken advantage of by strange pervs on the Internet. I can only imaging the kind of parenting that produces gullible children.

It also speaks to how parents may have not given “the talk” in a sensible time or way. Concert tickets in exchange for nude pictures doesn’t seem like a fair transaction. One is more valuable than the other (I’ll let you decide which). But it is a transaction nonetheless. For children to think that sex is a form of payment at such a young age is ridiculous–they should find that out later on in life when they are smart enough not to get scammed by a Harry.Styles888. No sensible adult teaches that. Kids get that idea from other kids. Where were the parents in this situation?

Like I said, Eastman was disgusting but he is only one of the many dangerous things in the world that kids need to look out for. Parents can’t protect their kids from everything yet they do not do their duties to equip their children with the common sense to be cautious.

Harry.Styles888. Really?



Surprise surprise: parents hate parenting.

And why not? Who would want to give up their time, money, and sanity for snotty little kids who will probably never tell you they’re thankful for your parenting until you have one foot in the grave?

No one, that’s who.

But still, folks all over the world are popping out babies left and right. populating the world with kids. ewww.

Never been rich, always been happy

Maybe there IS some reward to being a mom or dad. My folks certainly see it. Ever since I could remember they’ve been bending backwards to give me and my brother a good life. When we were kids, they bred dogs to put their kids to good schools. My dad would go to work three hours away everyday, sometimes even on weekends, so we could have a comfortable life. They missed me and my brother growing up so they can go to America for better jobs.

I mean, I still want to move out so bad but they’re good parents.

Shit, I can never do that. I don’t even like kids. Especially little ones. And I know me–I would not want to be my mother.

Probably is

Maybe it’s not for everyone. You’ve got to be a special kind of selfless to rear a kid. Think of everything you have to do just to keep your kid in school. Then what you have to do to keep them away from drugs. Then what you have to do to help them adopt good values.

Reminds me of this 22yo girl I interviewed a week ago; she has a two-year old kid. How do you even do that? I can barely take care of myself, let alone another helpless human being. Scary stuff.

And you have to have superpowers to love a person who could do shit like these.