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Am I the only one who gets really suspicious when the bf doesn’t tell me the simplest things? Like, I don’t know, “Hey babe, wutcha doin’?”

He says, “I’m busy, talk to you later.” I hear, “None of your fucking business, leave me alone. Bitch.”

Or am I just any other girl that guys bitch about? Do I talk too much? Do I share the mundane details of my life and he just doesn’t want to here?

Oh right, I don’t have the right to be so damn nosy. Wait, you guys don’t want someone being curious about your life, meddling in your business, asking you questions? Maybe you shouldn’t involve other people in your life. That’ll get rid of your nagging problem. Because being involved usually means you include them in your life.

So I asked the mighty Internet why men keep secrets. I was assuming it’s all about lying: lying about being happy, about wanting something, about denying the regret of being with someone. It answered me with 11 Secrets that apparently all men keep.

Let’s pretend I give a shit.

Here’s an idea: Don’t get married. You want to get away? Don’t start something you want to get away from. You want space? Go to the moon.

Yes, honey, let me wait until I’m 40 for you to figure out if you actually appreciate me or not. I just love the uncertainty of whether you value me or not, I just enjoy being led on. Oh and yes, it does sound like you don’t love us. Because guess what? It’s not nice to waste people’s time.

See, if you actually cared you’d try to understand. Glad to know the relationship was valuable enough for you to get off your ass and do something about it. And thanks for lying about wanting to make things better because obviously, you don’t want to make it better that much. If you did, you’d at least say “You know what, sweetie, I don’t know where you’re coming from.”

Really now? In my experience, no kind of “going away” afforded me any kind of romance or anything I wanted in a relationship. No flowers, no “you’re beautiful”, no “is there anything I can do because you had a bad day?”, nothing. Either this author is a complete moron or the guy I claim is my bf is broken.

The way I see it, men are keeping these kinds of secrets because they can’t handle what they get themselves into, that they’re not happy with it. Or I could be wrong. Doubt it, though.

Surely not all men are like this, hopefully. I’m just saying, if you can’t be open with someone then there is no point being in a relationship with them. You can’t love someone only when and how you feel like it. That’s called being fuck buddies, not being a couple. Or maybe I’m just the stupid one who thought being with someone meant you can have someone you should feel safe with. Secrets are dangerous. They make a whole lot of gray areas. They’re not safe. I hate them.

Especially the stupid, pointless secrecy about everything. Annoying as fuck.¬†Doesn’t it make you want to kick puppies when people can’t answer simple questions?

Whatever. Do whatever you want.