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Imagine 700 consecutive tweets like this

Twitter’s doing this program that hides those excessive tweets flooding your page. So instead of you just making your life easier by unfollowing that person who tweets about every mundane thing about their life like taking a dump #likeaboss or I’m so in love with @JustinBeiber, flooding your page with shit you didn’t want to know, Twitter’s going to do it for you.

Really? Get off your ass and unfollow them! …Or not, because you need to be on your pc. But you get my drift.

Yeah, I said PC, you mac fag. (kidding, lurve you!)

10 Signs you’re too stupid for Facebook anyway. Here’s a hint, don’t be annoying with annoying tweets and updates.

Same goes with Facebook (which, according to the article, Twitter follows. Haha icwutudidthur. clever.). Instead of bitching about these 12 annoying Facebook friends polluting your newsfeed, grow a damn pair and unfriend them! You hate them anyway and are only hanging out with them because they let you eat their lunch.

funny facebook fails - Clearing Everything Up (Well... Almost Everything)
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Good to know, Brittaney. Thanks for wasting my 5 seconds there.

And no, I really don’t care about what you had for lunch so don’t bother tweeting about it.